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March 4, 2014: PDF Version of Calendar

Posted on 04 March 2014 by John Johnson

Women2Download .pdf

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CEOs Against Grandmas

Posted on 03 December 2013 by John Johnson

The loudest calls for Social Security cuts are coming from CEOs who will never have to worry about their own retirement security.

by  Sarah Anderson http://www.commondreams.org/sarah-anderson

David Cote, the CEO of Honeywell, has more than $134 million in his personal retirement fund. If I were sitting on a nest egg that big, I might feel a bit sheepish about telling ordinary grandmas and grandpas to take a cut in their Social Security payments.



*Photo: Talk Radio News Service/Flickr
But Cote — and leaders of many other large corporations — don’t see it that way. In fact, as Congress prepares for yet another budget showdown at the end of the year, the loudest calls for Social Security cuts are coming from CEOs who will never have to worry about their own retirement security.

Two lobby groups have organized CEOs into an austerity army. One is the Fix the Debt campaign, which is spending tens of millions of dollars on slick PR tactics to garner public support for cutting popular programs like Social Security and Medicare. More than 135 chief executives have signed up as Fix the Debt spokespeople.

The other is the Business Roundtable, a 40-year-old club for about 200 of America’s most powerful CEOs. The Roundtable doesn’t sugarcoat. They want everybody to http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505146_162-57564374/ work until age 70 before they can get Social Security.

Like Cote, these are people who are sitting on massive nest eggs of their own. According to  http://www.ips-dc.org/reports/platinum_plated_pensions a new report by my organization, the Institute for Policy Studies, and the Center for Effective Government, Business Roundtable CEOs have retirement accounts worth $14.5 million on average. That’s enough to generate a monthly retirement check of $86,043 starting at age 65. By contrast, the average monthly Social Security check is only $1,237.

Many of these CEOs are also shortchanging their own workers’ pension funds. General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, for example, has made his employees’ future less secure by building up a nearly $22.6 billion deficit in the company’s retirement fund.

Why do CEOs with platinum pensions care so much about cutting Social Security? The CEOs claim it’s all about patriotism. “As an American,” Cote says, “I couldn’t know about this problem and not try to do something about it.” As the Baby Boom generation ages, Cote says, we’re facing a “demographic time bomb.”

There’s a raging debate among economists about whether we’re really facing a bomb or if this is just another phony crisis. What’s clear is there are far more effective ways to ensure Social Security’s sustainability than cutting benefits.

One of the most effective ways would be to lift the cap on wages subject to Social Security taxes. Right now, just the first $113,700 of an American worker’s wage income is subject to this 12.4 percent payroll tax. The  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2012/11/21/why-rich-guys-want-to-raise-the-retirement-age/ Congressional Budget Office estimates that if this cap were eliminated, it would do reduce Social Security’s projected shortfall by three times as much as raising the retirement age to 70.

It’s not hard to figure out why these powerful CEOs aren’t supporting that change. They’d have to pay way more into the system. For example, Cote received an unusually large cash payout in 2011 of $25.1 million. If the cap didn’t exist, he would’ve paid $2.6 million in Social Security taxes instead of the maximum for that year of $11,107.

If these CEOs were truly patriotic, they’d work to ensure a dignified retirement for all their fellow Americans.

Copyright 2013 OtherWords


Sarah Anderson directs the http://www.ips-dc.org/globaleconomy Global Economy Project of the http://www.ips-dc.org/, a progressive multi-issue think tank, in Washington DC. She’s also the co-author of the IPS  http://www.ips-dc.org/reports/executive_excess_2009, America’s Bailout Barons: Taxpayers, High Finance, and the CEO Pay Bubble.


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Witnesses to Hunger (and Poverty) on the Hill

Posted on 03 December 2013 by John Johnson

by  Greg Kaufmann http://www.commondreams.org/greg-kaufmann

Nia Timmons was stressed. (Center for Hunger-Free Communities)

A mother of three, she works full-time as an assistant teacher at a pre-K program in Camden, New Jersey where she earns $12 per hour.  By the second week of November, she still hadn’t received her family’s food stamp (SNAP) benefits and she didn’t know why.  She thought it might be due to the SNAP cut on  http://www.cbpp.org/cms/index.cfm?fa=view&id=4036 November 1 that hit 48 million people, including 22 million children, but she couldn’t get any answers from the Camden Board of Social Services.

“I’ve not heard from anyone there, and I can’t reach anyone either,” said Timmons.

She told me her story in a coffee shop in the basement of the Russell Senate Office Building last week.  She had traveled to Capitol Hill along with four of her “Witnesses to Hunger sisters” from Camden, Philadelphia and Boston to speak with Members of Congress about the impact their policy decisions are having on people who live in poverty.   HYPERLINK “http://www.centerforhungerfreecommunities.org/our-projects/witnesses-hunger” Witnesses to Hunger is a project of the Center for Hunger-Free Communities at the Drexel University School of Public Health.  Participants are mothers and caregivers of young children who use photography and testimonials to document their experiences and advocate for change at the local, state, and federal levels.  There are more than eighty Witnesses in  http://www.centerforhungerfreecommunities.org/witnesses-hunger/sites various cities on the East Coast.

Timmons and Anisa Davis—also from Camden—shared their experiences with staffers for their representatives, Democratic Senator Robert Menendez and Democratic Congressman Robert Andrews.  The other Witnesses met with legislative aides for their respective Senators and Representatives too. They also stopped by the offices of Republicans on the Farm Bill conference committee, including House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas and Florida Congressman Steve Southerland.  All of the Witnesses met directly with Democratic Congressmen Chaka Fattah of Pennsylvania and Jim McGovern of Massachusetts, and with Kellie Adesina, legislative director for Ohio Representative Marcia Fudge.

I was invited to sit in on the meeting with Adesina.

Quanda Burrell, a mother of two from Boston, told her story of being just one semester shy of her teacher’s assistant degree when she was informed that her Temporary Assistance to Needy Families http://www.cbpp.org/cms/index.cfm?fa=view&id=4034 cash assistance would run out in two weeks.  Her caseworker said she needed to drop out of school and enter a “career readiness program” in order to continue to receive assistance.  The Witnesses say these programs often lead to no jobs, or dead-end jobs, and are frequently run by for-profit companies.

Burrell felt she was forced to choose between feeding her family in the immediate term or staying in school so she could attain a stable income in the very near future.  She dropped out.  But the extension of TANF assistance turned out to be just for two months, and so her only current income is a small stipend she receives for work for http://thrivein5boston.org Thrive in Five, which promotes early childhood education in Boston.  She can’t afford to re-enroll in school and now her rent is due.

“It affects you mentally, emotionally, physically—it drains you,” said Burrell. “You have to hide it from your children.  You gotta pretend like you’re not struggling with this, but you really are.  You don’t want your kids to feel that stress.  But it does trickle down.”

“You have to hide it from your children.  You gotta pretend like you’re not struggling with this, but you really are.  You don’t want your kids to feel that stress.  But it does trickle down.”

Philadelphia Witness Emily Edwards works part-time as a home healthcare aide earning $9 per hour.  Like many Witnesses, she checks in frequently with her neighbors about how they are getting along.  She said that in West Philadelphia she is constantly asked two questions: “Why were there SNAP cuts on November 1?  And why didn’t anyone tell us?”

“Instead of a notification, what they get is this answering machine, once they call to check on their benefits, that says ‘due to government cuts you might not receive the same benefits,’” said Edwards, who is 29 and has a five-year-old son.

She suggested that if Members of Congress had “pictures” to go with the numbers and statistics that usually dominate budget discussions, maybe that would help broaden some minds about what programs like SNAP mean to people.

“Give them a face with that number, and make it feel real,” Edwards told Adesina.

Adesina said that some Members who voted for cuts might be affected by stories of veterans or elderly people on SNAP, but not necessarily by stories about children.

“With children they’re not as moved,” said Adesina.

“Unbelievable,” said Boston Witness Juell Frazier, incredulous.  “Unbelievable!”

A mother of two daughters, ages 4 and 8, Frazier was also forced to drop out of college in order to continue receiving TANF cash assistance.  She had made the Dean’s List at Springfield College and only had two semesters remaining to obtain her Bachelors Degree in Human Services.

After the meeting with Adesina, we returned to the coffee shop and Edwards told me more about how she and her son are faring.  She started her job two weeks ago and knows that she will soon face what is known as “the cliff effect”: when an increase in income triggers a sudden loss of federal assistance, leaving a person economically worse off just as they are trying to get ahead.

Edwards has been through this before, and said that when she shares her first pay stub with her caseworker she will lose her TANF cash assistance and child care assistance, and her food stamps will be cut by “more than half.”

“If I can’t afford to pay someone to watch my child, then I can’t go to work,” said Edwards.  “I’ll end up losing work, and go back to having to depend on this system that’s not really helping me get ahead in life, it’s helping me stay stagnated, and it starts to become a cycle.”

Edwards shared her experiences with Representatives Fattah and McGovern.

“They just don’t give us enough time once we get that job to make the transition,” she told them.

Dr. Mariana Chilton, director of the Center for Hunger-Free Communities, pointed to research showing that families who have a modest increase in income, and therefore lose their SNAP benefits, are  http://www.childrenshealthwatch.org/upload/resource/cliffeffect_brief_sept10.pdf  more likely to experience hunger than are families who remain on SNAP.

“Just when the families are doing what they’re supposed to do, and want to do—right here we’ve got a teacher and a home health aide—they get cut off at the knees,” said Chilton.  “And that’s over and above the SNAP cuts on November 1 and whatever else might happen with SNAP next.”

The conversation then turned to just that—what might happen with SNAP next.

You could feel the tension in the room about the prospect of more—and deeper—cuts, and what that would mean for the Witnesses’ families and their communities.  They are already feeling the effects of the November 1 SNAP cut, which reduced the average individual benefit from $1.50 per meal to $1.40 per meal.  It adds up to a reduction of $29 per month in food assistance for a family of three.

Already, the Witnesses say they are all purchasing fewer fresh fruits and vegetables.  Frazier struggles to buy the higher-priced, gluten-free foods that her 4-year-old daughter needs due to food allergies.  Edwards—who cut sugars out of her son’s diet when he was diagnosed with ADHD—now has to purchase more affordable processed foods and worries about how that will affect her son’s progress.  And Davis—who is out of work and about to have reconstructive foot surgery—is already relying on food banks and friends more than ever before.

Now the House and Senate are negotiating over further proposed SNAP cuts of $40 billion and $4 billion, respectively.  McGovern pointed out that the November 1 cuts will total $5 billion over the next year, and $11 billion through 2016.

“There should be no more cuts.  My line in the sand is that we pass a Farm Bill that does not make hunger worse in this country,” said Representative McGovern.  “We might have to swallow a lot of stuff we don’t like to get a good [SNAP outcome].  But do no harm is a big accomplishment here.”

He told the Witnesses that they could be “the wind at our backs, the hurricane at our backs” during these negotiations, and that over the next few months people need to be speaking out loudly and clearly for  http://halfinten.org/blog/news/take-action-snap-2013/ no more cuts in SNAP.”  He also said there should be protests in front of the offices of House Republicans who voted for $40 billion in SNAP cuts even though their constituents currently need food assistance.

When the Witnesses wrapped up their final meeting it was after 6 pm. They had started the day in the early morning hours to travel to Capitol Hill, and they now had to hurry to catch a train home.  They felt a sense of accomplishment.

“I think our presence was powerful today because they got to hear our stories firsthand,” said Davis.  “That’s what [Camden Witnesses] was basically about—ten women with ten cameras—taking pictures about anything that needs to be improved.”

“Anything we want to see a change in,” said Timmons.

The women and men of Witnesses to Hunger will surely continue to advocate for themselves, their families, each other, and their communities.  But if they are to succeed in their efforts, they will just as surely need millions of people to join them—people who are currently silent, or quiet, or taking action only when it’s convenient, like by clicking a mouse.

We will only turn the tide when we value the well being of Nia, Anisa, Emily, Quanda, and Juell as much as we value our own—and we’re willing to fight for it, and make that fight visible.

You can learn more about Witnesses to Hunger by attending their 5-year anniversary  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/witnesses-to-hunger-5-year-anniversary-exhibit-reception-tickets-8993972213?aff=eorg here.

© 2013 The Nation


Greg Kaufmann is the poverty correspondent for  http://thenation.com The Nation and a contributor to  http://BillMoyers.com. He covers poverty in America primarily through his blog,  http://www.thenation.com/blogs/greg-kaufmann This Week in Poverty. Greg has been a guest on Moyers & Company, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, NPR’s Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane, Here & Now, The Thom Hartmann Program, Stand Up! with Pete Dominick and The Matthew Filipowicz Show, as well as various local radio programs. His work has also been featured on Common Dreams, CBSNews.com, NPR.org, WashingtonPost.com, and BusinessInsider.com. He serves as an advisor for Barbara Ehrenreich’s Economic Hardship Reporting Project.


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Some Personal Musing

Posted on 03 December 2013 by John Johnson

By John Johnson

The last few weeks and especially this week there has been a lot of media coverage about Veterans. About supporting veterans, with medical care, jobs and support.   Of course not much coverage of why we have so many.  Why we have we got them killed and injured with our invasions in the Middle East and Central and South America.  And why in the hell we are doing that.  Why we need to invade so many other regions leaving destruction and death in our wake.

In the Sixties and early Seventies the left, SDS etc we did our best in keeping young men out of the draft and support those, with their horror stories.

We, in our local SDS office,  had regular meetings to help young men in getting out of the draft.  We of course had regular governmental infiltration, spying on us and the brave men that came in.  The FBI made regular visits at our apartments to try and intimidate our efforts.

Today because of our economy many young men are joining the military, while many, many US soldiers have come home damaged.  And with the drones we have rained down deaths, often of innocents, around the world.

So Im obviously in favor of building an activist community and movement.  And Im trying to do my best with Change Links. We don’t get enough support.  Im hopping around with my cane,  a result of my heart problem last January.  I just had to invest $1400 in my car to help distribute some papers around,  and we really have to thank the others that get it around town but its going to take much more efforts.     We should thank all the volunteers who have help Change-Links since the beginning. We have other editors who taught me how to put the newspaper together.   All those who have helped distribute Change-Links every month.  A mainstay has been Dean who gets them out on the Westside and elsewhere and makes it by for every mailing meeting.  Chuck from Orange County.  Franco who has helped in the Pasadena area until he had some health problems.  Marcielle , Paul and others in the Pasadena area.  Woodrow who uses buses to hit downtown,  South Central and others places.  And many others.  Thanks.

Of course Wall Street and their ilk aren’t brothered   by liberal wimps in Congress.  They easily buy them or roll over them to keep their gigantic profits rolling in.

Obama’s weak-knee efforts with health care reform were crumbs thrown to us and large found to the health care industry hasn’t been of much help to a majority of those who can’t buy their private plans.



My parents were big fans of Adelia Stevenson and voted for him in the 2 1950’ elections.  My 1960 I had become politically aware, spirited on by the Civil Rights movement.  I actually helped a bit in the 1960 run off but Jack Kennedy won the primary. Then he came through LA on a campaign tour.  He was to speak in the San Fernando Valley, at the North Hollywood Valley Plaza, about the first large out door shopping center.  I walked over to it, a bit late so I ended right behind the speakers program.  There was a large crowd in the parking lot.  . After his talk he headed down the steps and came by me.  It was very crowded I was pushed along with him, till I was on top of the trunk.  It was a convertible Chrysler.  In the crush I was pinned to the top of the trunk. Kenned was sitting on top of the rear seat.  As the car started to drive away, I was lifting off my feet.  Kennedy looked back and my distress because the car was speeding up.  He yelled to the driver to stop and leave me off.  I thanked him as I jumped off.

Kennedy was murdered by the FBI, etc. and the Mob.  One reason was that the Kennedy administration was planning the recognize the Castro Government.  But the CIA and the Mob wanted to continue to exploit Cuba and tried to blame the murder on Castro by using Oswald, a phony Cuba backing.  Of course they could not leave him alive so got the Mob to get Ruby to kill Oswald and promised him full ownership of the club he ran. Ruby didn’t live much longer.


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August 2013 Calendar

Posted on 30 July 2013 by John Johnson

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 6.09.22 PM

August 1●Thursday

Activism: Nuclear Free World
Nuclear Free World! Read the full Call to Action! Have your organization endorse Nuclear Free Future Month! Visit www.nuclearfreefuture.org for an interactive calendar of events, and a wealth of resources and action opportunities!

Films: “The Healthcare Movie”
Film & Speakers Panel.    Santa Monica. Sponsored by the ALL CARE ALLIANCE.
Purchase Tickets. http://healthcaremovie-aerotheater.eventbrite.com/
7:30 PM  AERO Theater, Santa Monica.

Special Screening of “The Healthcare Movie” in Celebration of Medicare’s 48th Birthday. Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland, of the Canadian Medicare System, followed by a discussion featuring Dr. Paul Song, Dr. Chris Brown, patient advocate Anita Anderson, and Dr. Nancy Niparko.  A “Healthcare is a Human Right” event sponsored by the AllCare Alliance, La Salud es un Derecho, Physicians for a National Health Plan, Health Care for All California, California Health Professional Student Alliance, and One Care Now.  $11 for adults; $9 for students and 65+ seniors; information at www.americancinematheque.com/Aero/tickets.htm and www.healthcaremovie.net.   Aero Theater,   328 Montana Ave., Santa Monica.

Political Meeting: ACLU Orange County
Support and love immigrants. Free all political prisoners and third strikers. Protect and defend the Constitution. Support Costa Mesa Day workers & end gang injunctions.. Peace not war. First Thursdays of the month. 7:30:00 PM      (714) 956-5037 <mailto:QUETZALCOATL38@AOL.COM>.


August 3 ● Saturday

Community Service: Help the Homeless
“Street Lawyer: A WIKI to End and Prevent Homelessness.”         <http://wiki.nlchp.org>.

Poetry: Poetry Palooza
Opening weekend of Poetry in Life! Love music, open mic, performances and more.  Hosted by Jessica Willso 4:00:00 PM       <http://www.beyondbaroque.org/>  HYPERLINK “http://www.beyondbaroque.org/” http://www.beyondbaroque.org/.


August 4 ● Sunday

Community Meeting: The Youth Justice Coalition
The Youth Justice Coalition will be having our monthly County Wide Meeting 2:00:00 PM 4:00:00 PM Chuco’s Justice Center   1137 E. Redondo Blvd., Inglewood. (323) 235-4243. <mailto:freelanow@yahoo.com>. <www.youth4justice.org>.


August 5 ● Monday

Community Event: Peace Camp
Aug 5-9 Monday-Friday  Orange: Orange Community of Christ. Children’s PEACE CAMP. This is a week long event that is free and open to the public. We will be teaching elementary school aged children lessons about inner peace, interpersonal peace, global peace, and ecological peace through games, theme classes, snacks, crafts, and music! On Friday, August 9, the week will culminate in a donation community dinner, craft show, and performance from the children. For more information, please contact Pastor Katie Harmon-McLaughlin (katiehm@cofchristorange.org/1-800-277-0454) or visit our website- www.cofchristorange.org/ 395 S. Tustin St. Orange, CA 92866  8:00:00 PM

Community Meeting: Chat Night
Chat about what’s on your mind in a safe space. Come with a topic or question or draw one from a question jar. Donation at the door (suggested $5 – no one turned away), refreshments included – participants can enjoy coffee, tea, soda, water and desserts. 7:00:00 PM  The Center,  0 16610 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance (310) 328-6550.  HYPERLINK “mailto:thecenter@southbaycenter.org” thecenter@southbaycenter.org.


August 6 ● Tuesday

Community Meeting: Women’s Group
South Bay LGBT Center, is offering a weekly women’s group.  Participants will help decide the direction of the group. The Center is offering this group at an earlier time to allow more personal time afterward. Please communicate if that works for you, or if there is a different time that would better enable you to participate.      16610 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance.

Discussion: McLuhan-Finnegan’s Wake
Usually First Tuesdays monthly, call to confirm. Gerry Fialka’s regular reading club explores the ideas of James Joyce and Marshall McLuhan and how they apply to today’s media and technology. 6:00:00 PM 8:00:00 PM Lloyd Taber- Marina Del Rey Library, Marina Del Rey Library,   4533 Admiralty Way
Marina Del Rey. (310) 306-7330.  <http://www.venicewake.org/>.

Music: Womyns Music Festival
The Annlual Michigan Womyns Music Festival,  Ub a tiwb ryb bt wintb fir womys.  Three stages with continuous concerts.  Workshop, paades, food, drum  circles, dancing and sports.  Aug. 6-13.  <facebook,com/michest>.   Wallhalla, Michigan    (310) 450-3396, (231) 757-4766..  <michfest.com>.

Political Action: Hiroshima Vigil
Santa Monica Vigil to Remember Victims of Hiroshima Bombing
<http://santamonica.patch.com/groups/politics-and-elections/p/santa-monica-vigil-to-remember-victims-of-hiroshima-bombing> The Hiroshima Eternal Flame of Peace will be present as part of a vigil in August to remember the victims of the Aug. 6, 1945 bombing of Hiroshima. At the 26-foot high nuclear mushroom cloud sculpture “Chain Reaction,” will also show support for a nuclear-free world, according to organizer Jerry Rubin. The vigil will include speakers from Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles and local activists supporting the group Save Chain Reaction, which is working to save and restore the threatened ‘Chain Reaction.’ 6:00:00 PM  1800 block of Main Street   1800 block of Main Street, Santa Monica.. (310) 399-1000.  < psr-la.org>.


August 9 ● Friday

Community Event: Friday at the Center
Drop in for a night of games and refreshments at the South Bay LGBT Center 7:00:00 PM 10:00:00 PM South Bay Center,   16610 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance. (310) 328-6550.  <www.southbaycenter.org>.


August 10 ● Saturday

Readings: Storytelling Event
For eight years Maureen Cotter has been delighting Venetians and making us laugh with readings from her “Prison Diaries.” This year, she has a whole new show full of surprises. 7:30:00 PM       <info@beyondbaroque.org>>  HYPERLINK “http://www.beyondbaroque.org/” http://www.beyondbaroque.org/.


August 12 ● Monday

Films: “Something Blue”
Sean Gannon’s (in person) compelling personal documentary SOMETHING BLUE  http://www.laughtears.com/documental.html unurban >> 7:00:00 PM 10:00:00 PM Unurban,   3301 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica (310) 315-0056.

Film: Documentary
Documentally films. http://www.laughtears.com/documental.html
unurban cafe, 3301 pico blvd santa monica ca 90401 310-315-0056
FREE 9:00 PM 10:00 PM     (310) 450-6052. mailto:pfsuzy@aol.com >. <http://laughtears.com/>.


August 14 ● Wednesday

Books: Humanist Association
The Good News Club, by Katherine Stewart  Humanist Association of Los Angeles. West Side Discussion Group.  “The Good News Club Book”  by Katherine Stewart.  Review by Larry A. Taylor 11:00:00 AM  Colorado Center, Community Room,   2500 Broadway, Santa Monica. 310-479-2236.

Community Meeting: Transgender Support
Transgender social support group at the South Bay LGBT Center, for transgender people at all stages and gender variance, for those questioning their gender identity and need someone to talk to, friends and family members of transgender people. This is not a dating, romance or singles group. 7:00:00 PM 9:00:00 PM The Center   16610 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance (310) 328-6550.  <www.southbaycenter.org>.

Music: Suzy Williams
Suzy Williams & Her Solid Senders play live swing jazz and jump blues; contact her for more info on this group. <http://www.puddingbench.com/suzy.htm>. 7:00:00 PM 10:00:00 PM Danny’s Deli,   23 Windward, Venice (310) 306-7330. <mailto:pfsuzy@aol.com>.  HYPERLINK “http://www.laughtears.com/suzy1.html” http://www.laughtears.com/suzy1.html.

Political Meeting: UN Women
Tlhe UN Women Los Angeles Chapter will b e meeting today  Bond Wright in the  local contact.  They meetin on the second Wednesday of the month. 7:00:00 PM  National Council of Jewish Women   543 N. Faiirfax Ave., LA. (310) 450-3396.


August 16 ● Friday

Films: Move Night at the LGBT Center
Movie night at the South Bay LGBT Center. People can pick up publications, join in conversation with other attendees, and if time suggest games to play or other possibilities 7:00:00 PM  The Center   6610 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance (310) 328-6550  HYPERLINK “mailto:thecenter@southbaycenter.org” mailto:thecenter@southbaycenter.org.


August 17 ● Saturday

Poetry: Annual Philomenian
The Philomenian is a word, hand-made in Venice, to denote an event and place all about the works of Philomene Long,Venice’s late Poet Laureate. This year’s event will feature films and poetry by and for one of the most brilliant Beat generation personalities
Beyond Baroque,   681 Venice Blvd. Venice, 310-822-3006 <info@beyondbaroque.org> http://www.beyondbaroque.org

Poetry: LIT SHOW
The LIT SHOW with Gerry Fialka..   Beyond Baroque,  15 681 venice blvd venice (310) 822-3006.  <http://beyondbaroque.org/events.html>.


August 18 ● Sunday

Discussion: “Nation” Mar Vista
The “Nation” magazines readers’ discussion group about articles .  Meetings usually on the third Sunday of the month, call first. 2:00:00 PM     4054 Coolidge Ave., Mar Vista, LA. (310) 391-1707.

Political Meeting: Jerico
Jericho now meets the 3rd Sunday at 4 PM with letter writing to prisoners at the Left Side Lounge, 1905 Rodeo Road between Western and Arlington (instead of So Cal Library on the 3rd Sat.) That is followed, same location, at 5 PM by the monthly general meeting of the Inter-Communal Solidarity Committee (which embraces such programs as Break the Lock prisoner solidarity, Hood Health, Turning the Tide journal, and George Jackson Freedom School). 4:00:00 PM.

Films: The Lit Show
7 DUDLEY CINEMA: THE LIT SHOW FILM FESTIVAL Gerry Fialka screens rare literature films to celebrate Avant Garde Advertising Films 7:00:00 PM  Beyond Baroque.   681 Venice Blvd.Venice, (310) 822-3006  <www.beyondbaroque.org/‎>.


August 19 ● Monday

Community Meeting: Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays
The South Bay LGBT Centers invites folks to the monthly meeting of South Bay Parents & Friends of Lesbian and Gays Center. 7:00:00 PM  Rolling Hills United Methodist Church.   26438 Crenshaw, Rolling Hills. (310) 831-2967.  <http://ww.southbaycenter.org>.


August 21 ● Wednesday

Discussion: MOM
Meditations On Media Gerry Fialka’s stimulating soiree stirs up discussion to reveal the hidden effects of what humans have invented.  Every 3rd 7:00:00 PM 10:00:00 PM Beyond Baroque,   681 Venice Blvd., Venice. (310) 822-3006 or (310) 306-7330.   HYPERLINK “http://www.laughtears.com/” http://www.laughtears.com/.

Discussion: Monthly Review
The “Monthly Review” Discussion group.  They meet the Third Wednesdays of the month. 7:30:00 PM  Yahoo Colorado Center, Community Room,   2500 Broadway, Santa Monica. (310) 390-0306.


August 22 ● Thursday

Music: Jazz Funk Fest
Jazz Funk Fest http://www.laughtears.com/jazzfunkfest.html. 7:00:00 PM 10:00:00 PM Talking Stick,   1411 Lincoln Blvd., Venice. (310) 450-6052.


August 25 ● Sunday

Entertainment: The Ash Groove
The Ash Groove Family and Potluck.  Bring a dish to share an instrument and music or poetry to share.Together let’s celebrate the selection of The Ash Grove Foundation and its founder, Ed Pearl to receive “The Best of the West” award for 2013 by Folklore Association FAR-West! learn more at  At the home & garden of Jan Goodman & Jerry Manpearl, We will provide some beer, wine & soft drinks. There is a pool (children only) and we will provide a certified lifeguard for the occasion. 2:00:00 PM 6:00:00 PM    939 San Vicente Blvd., Santa Monica (310) 586-9860 <deb.lagutaris@edpearl-ashgrove.org>. <http://www.far-west.org>.


August 28 ● Wednesday

Political Meeting: Health Care for All California
San Fernando Valley chapter meeting – working for single-payer (private care/public insurance) universal healthcare and SB 810 (Leno) – learn more, (4th Wednesday of the month), 7:30:00 PM  State Office Bldg.,   6150 Van Nuys Blvd. at Calvert St., room 135 (enter on Calvert, to the right of the locked gate (818) 766-7318. <mailto: info@hca-sfv.org>. <www.facebook.com/HCASFV>.

Talk: Activist  Support Circle
This months Activist Support Circle . 6:30:00 PM  Friends Meeting Hall,   1440 Harvard Street, Santa Monica. (310) -399-1000. <mailto:ActivistSupportCircle@earthlink.net>. <www.ActivistSupportCircle.org >.

Community Service: Healthcare for All
San Fernando Valley chapter meeting – Obamacare helps but doesn’t fix our broken health insurance system – learn more about Improved Medicare for all Californians and join in: August 28th (4th Wednesday of the month),(enter on Calvert, to the right of the locked gates) – for more information: www.facebook.com/HCASFV, 7:30:00 PM  State Office Building:   6150 Van Nuys Blvd., Room 125. (818) 766-7318. <info@hca-sfv.org>.


August 29 ● Thursday

Volunteer Opportunity: Change-Links Meeting
The regular monthly mailing meeting for this newspaper. 12:00:00 PM 2:00:00 PM Peace Center,   8124 W. 3rd St., LA. (818) 782-1412 or (818) 681-7448. <mailto:change@pacbell.net>. <http://change-links.org>.



Political Action: Support Bradley Manning
Here in Los Angeles, veterans and volunteers at the Santa Monica Beach operate the Veterans for Peace Los Angeles project called the Arlington West Memorial Santa Monica. We have been supporting Bradley Manning, the whistleblower who disclosed wrongdoing by US government, military, and diplomats.  The memorial has made literature available to the public about his situation. These veterans and supporters are now operating a special booth dedicated to making the public aware of Bradley’s case and calling for his release.   Arlington West Memorial,   Santa Monica.

Art: Downtown Art Walk
This event is continuing due to grassroots efforts of galleries and art afficionados. Please show up in order to keep this event going. Second Thursdays monthly. Peak hours are something like 6-9 PM. Downtown LA. (213) 624-6212. <http://downtownartwalk.org>. (The event may be at risk because of LA City imposed fees. 2011-11.) Also Art Walks in Culver City (<http://www.culvercity.org>, search for art walk), Long Beach (<http://www.artwalklb.com>), Pasadena (<http://www.playhousedistrict.org>, click on calendar of events then ARTWalk) Pomona (<http://www.pomonaartscolony.com>), and Venice (<http://theveniceartwalk.org>) on various dates during the year. 6:00:00 PM 9:00:00 PM

Books: Black Writers and Artists
The International Black Writers & Artists is a network of authors, publishers, artists and community members meeting to listen and be heard. First Saturdays monthly, 2-4 PM, St. Elmo Village, 4830 St. Elmo Drive, LA. Third Saturdays monthly, 1-5 PM, San Rafael Branch of the Pasadena Library, 1240 Nithsdale Road, Pasadena.       (323) 964-3721. <randy44ross@sbcglobalnet>. <www.Ibwala.com>.

Classes: African History
Autumn adult class (“Afrikan World Civilizations”) thru Dec 2— check the website to verify dates. $100 or $15/session.   Kaos Studios,   4343 Leimert Blvd., LA (213) 368-4976 <mailto:DrKwaku@hotmail.com>.#http://<mailto:DrKwa <www.DrKwaku.com>.

Classes: EcoVillage Tours
History, context, accomplishments, pitfalls, transitions, plans and visions for this central city demonstration EcoVillage neighborhood-in-process and its intentional community.  Check their website for times, additional dates and unscheduled tours by appointment (min. 6 people).  1:00:00 PM LA EcoVillage,  10 117 Bimini Place, LA. (213) 738-1254. <mailto:crsp@igc.org>. <http://laecovillage.org/Toursoflaev.html>.

Classes: Filmmaking
Make a movie! Fun & easy classes for the whole family.   Echo Park Film Center,   1200 N. Alvarado St., LA. (213) 484-8846.  <http://www.echoparkfilmcenter.org>.

Classes: Labor Studies
Learn and develop Union leadership skills. Sponsored by Trade Tech Lab or Center. Class run at union locals and other locations. Ongoing       (213-763-7129  (800) 884-1136. <mailto:laborcenter@lattc.edu>. <http://college.lattc.edu/laborcenter>.

Classes: Organic Gardening
An organic gardening school. Classes and lectures for adults; special classes for children. In several LA regional locations.       (888) 341-9666.  <earthmatters.biz> or HYPERLINK “http://www.thewovengarden.com/class” www.thewovengarden.com/class>

Classes: Union Organizing
“UNITE HERE, the North American union of hotel, casino, food service, laundry, and textile workers, is looking for dedicated activists who are interested in a comprehensive program of leadership training and political education.”       (213) 447-5805. <mailto:thudson@unitehere.org>.#http://<mailto:thu <www.unitehere.org> &  HYPERLINK “http://www.hotelworkersrising.org” www.hotelworkersrising.org.

Classes: Vegan Toastmasters
Improve your speaking ability in a fun, supportive, learning environment. Help spread the message of health, compassion towards animals, and environmental responsibility. First & Third Sundays monthly.. Contact is via website form.  4:30:00 PM Community Room, at the West LA Animal Shelter.   11261 W. Pico Blvd.   <http://vegantoastmasters.org>.

Classes: Witness for Peace
Delegations to Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela. <http://witnessforpeace.org>, click on “travel with us.”.

Classes: Young Warriors
Be a part of this “for youth by youth” program. A program which guides youth into meeting the challenge of their own struggle, Young Warriors believes that every youth has something to offer to better our future! Contact them for time and place       (818) 263-0654. <mailto:youngwarriors_souls@yahoo.com>. <www.myspace.com/youngwarriors_1>.

Classes: Urban Farming
Contact them for events. Dragonfly Hill Urban Farm, 9:30:00 AM 1:00:00 PM    345  1/2 Douglas St., LA. (818) 404-5784.  <http://home.earthlink.net/●theweproject>.

Classes: Clutter
Many helpful people collect stuff not only for themselves but for others.  It mounts up until they can’t find what they need when they need it.  If this is you, come to Clutters Anonymous. (CLA) based on the 12-step program of AA. 10:00:00 AM  Cafe Tropical ,   2900  Sunset Blvd. Silver lake, (323)-281-2243.

Classes: Tenant’s Rights
The Coalition for Economic Survival, with 27 years in working with for tenants rights and other issues, holds two meetings each week to help tenants. Wednesday evenings at 7 PM. and Saturday mornings at 10 AM. 10:00:00 AM  Plummer Park, Senior Center,   7377 Santa Monica Blvd., W. Hollywood. (213)252-4411 <mailto:contactces@earthlink.net>. <http://cesinaction.org/Home.aspx>.

Classes: Fair Chance Project
The Fair Chance Project is offering a free legal clinic on the 4th Saturday of each month. 1:30:00 PM 3:30:00 PM Chuco’s Justice Center,   1137 E. Redondo Beach Blvd., Inglewood. (213) 746-4343. <gerifacts@sbcglobal.net>> <www.fairchanceproject.org>.

Classes: Nonfiction Writing Workshop
Join serious writers of memoirs about their struggles to overcome child abuse, addiction, ethnic or racial injustice, divorce, widowhood and other misfortunes.  Read you story to a group of supportive writers. 8:00:00 PM 10:00:00 PM Beyond Baroque,   681 Venice Bl. Venice, (310) -822-3006 . <mailto:beyondbaroque@aol.com>.> <http://beyondbaroque.org/events.html>.

Classes: Nonfiction Writing Workshop
Join serious writers of memoirs about struggles to overcome child abuse, addiction, ethnic or racial prejudice, divorce, widowhood, etc. Read your story to a group of supportive writers 8:00:00 PM 10:00:00 PM Beyond Baroque,   681 Venice Blvd., Venice. (310) 822-3006. <mailto:beyondbaroque@aol.com>.

Classes: Acting Workshop for Vets
To train actors for performance & to help individuals heal, grow & learn via “drama therapy.” Donation, register online. Contact them to see whether classes are in session. The Veterans Project. 7-10 PM. Every Wednesday. 7:00:00 PM 10:00:00 PM    Meeting Room, 3916 Sepulveda Blvd., LA (310) 842-8794.  <www.theveteransproject.org>.

Community Event: Latino Heritage Month
Latino Heritage Month is a citywide commemoration of Latino history, heritage, and tradition in Los Angeles. September through October.         <www.culturela.org>.

Community Event: Natural Health Group
Weekly vegan dinner events throughout LA & Orange Counties. They publish a comprehensive Holistic Directory of Vegetarian Restaurants, and offer discount coupons, as well as an ongoing discount card.   Natural Health Group,   326 N. Western Ave. #368, LA, CA 90004. (800) 701-9364 and (310) 396-2826. <mailto:info@naturalhealthgroup.org>#http://<mailt <www.NaturalHealthGroup.org>.

Community Event: Vegan Happy Hour
Includes a potluck. 21+ only; pay for your (optional) drinks. One of the bar employees is organizing this event. 5-9 PM potluck; social continues after. Check their website for VHH dates. The Short Stop, 1455 Sunset Blvd. (two blocks E of Echo Park Blvd. at Sutherland, look for the red neon “cocktails” sign), Echo Park. Contact thru their MySpace site.         <http://myspace.com/veganhappyhour>.

Community Service: Ecovillage Tours
History, context, accomplishments, pitfalls, transitions, plans and visions for this central city demonstration ecovillage neighborhood-in-process and its intentional community. Check their website for times, additional dates and unscheduled tours by appointment (min. 6 people). $10 sliding;        RSVP required. LA EcoVillage, 117 Bimini Place, LA <http://laecovillage.org>.

Community Service: RAC Food
Revolutionary Autonomous Communities’ Food Program, a mutual-aid project where people organize and distribute food in their own neighborhoods. Volunteers needed. Every Sunday. 1:00:00 PM     SE Corner of Wilshire & Parkview  <rac-la@lists.riseup.net>.#..\February2012\2012-02 <revolutionaryautonomouscommunities.blogspot.com>.

Conference: The Youth Justice Coalition
As the Campaign for a County Youth Development Department moves FORWARD, we want you, your family and/or your organization to help lead the Campaign to bring youth justice and opportunities throughout LA.  4:00:00 PM Chuco’s Justice Center,   1137 E. Redondo Blvd., Inglewood. (323) 235-4243.

Films: Peace Films
Whittier: Â Whittier Area Peace & Justice Coalition “First Thursday” Film Series. 1stThursdays of the month.. 7:00:00 PM 9:00:00 PM St. Matthias Episcopal Church – Chase Room   7056 Washington Avenue, Whittier.   <http://whittierpeace.org>.

Informational: Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook
Provided by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and the National Lawyers’ Guild (NLG). <http://www.jailhouselaw.org>.

Informational: San Francisco Bay Area
San Jose Peace & Justice Center. <http://www.sanjosepeace.org>, click on “Calendar.” South SF Peninsula, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center. <http://www.peaceandjustice.org> , click on “Calendar.”

Jobs: Sustainable Living & Farming Jobs
<http://www.backdoorjobs.com/farming.html>. Other “short term job experiences:” <http://www.backdoorjobs.com>.

Media: Alternative Radio
Weekly hour-long ongoing series. Features speakers like Medea Benjamin, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Chris Hedges, and  others.         <http://www.alternativeradio.org>.

Media: Alternet
One of the very good progressive Website, with original articles and more.         <http://www.alternet.org/>.

Media: Commondreams
One of the prominent progressive Website.  With a collection of articles, original articles, videos and news.         <http://www.commondreams.org/>.

Media: CounterSpin
Hour media criticism program. <http://www.fair.org/index.php?page●5>.  Also on Free Speech TV.         <http://www.fair.org>.

Media: CPRMetro.org
Community Progressive Radio.         <cprmetro.blogspot.com>.

Media: Democracy Now!
Every weekday hour-long news program. Amy Goodman et al.         <http://www.democracynow.org>.

Media: Grit TV
Grit TV with Laura Flanders. On the Web and Free Speech TV, twice a day. <http://lauraflanders.firedoglake.com>, <http://grittv.blip.tv>.

Media: Journalism Awards
The Center for California Studies and the Sacramento Press Club are pleased to announce the Call for Entries for the 19th Annual California Journalism Awards to reward excellence in reporting of issues specific to California food policy and trends.  Remember, entries must be postmarked no later than August 2, 2013 and must have been published or broadcast in California between July 2012 and July 2013. The Awards will be announced and presented at the Food for Thought: Envisioning California Conference on October 11, 2013.For more information about the Awards and/or the Awards ceremony, please visit:  http://www.csus.edu/calst/california_journalism_awards.html.Or ontact:     Center for California Studies, California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street Sacramento, CA  95819-6081       (916) 278-6906  <calstudies@csus.edu>.

Media: l.A activist
A journal of Los Angeles activism. <http://www.laactivist.com>.

Media: Making Contact
Weekly half-hour long documentary-style radio program. Globalization, civil liberties, prison issues, education and environmental justice, etc.         <http://www.radioproject.org>.

Media: Progressive Podcast
Long time activist and subscriber to Change Links, Jerold Block has a very popular progressive Podcast. an Internet Audio (or video) stream that you can easily listen to and subscribe to.        <rational@roadrunner.com.>. <http://www.therationalradical.com/podcast.html>.

Media: Progressive Radio
From Matt Rothschild of The Progressive magazine.         <http://www.progressive.org/radioweekly>.

Media: Raza Press & Media Association
“The only Mexican-Raza journalist organization consistently advancing and building revolutionary anti-imperialist media as a strategic component in the liberation of Raza and all oppressed people throughout the world.”         <razapressassociation.org/blog>.

Media: Vegan Radio
“Go Vegan with Bob Linden.” Updates on broadcast stations & show times on website (these change frequently). Also webcast archives and podcasts.        <mailto:Bob@GoVeganRadio.com>. <www.goveganradio.com/>.

Media: Voice of Palestine Radio
Broadcasted weekly on Vancouver Cooperative Radio; on the air since 1987. Tuesday nights, 8-9 PM PST. Info: <http://www.voiceofpalestine.ca>; live internet broadcasts: <http://www.coopradio.org/content/listen>.

Media: Michael Slate
The Michael Slate Show 10:00:00 PM 11:00:00 AM KPFK 90.7 FM.

Military & Draft Counter Recruitment
Alsatians for Peace conducts High School campus visits weekly now. Usually early morning (on site about 7 am). They also canvass other events and distribute information pamphlets in commercial and residential areas and offer students alternatives and factual information they should consider before considering enlistment under the relentless campus recruitment from the military. They need volunteers. 7:00:00 AM      (310) 573-1901. <mailto:ulisandra.paz@verizon.net>.

Military, Draft & Counter Recruitment:: OC Recruitment Awareness Project
The Project is in urgent need of additional new volunteers to keep our important work going. A flyering is planned for late May if you wish to participate. (949) 492-0571. <http://www.oc-rap.org>.

Military, Draft & Counter Recruitment:: Veterans for Peace
Monthly meetings at the LA Peace Center or at the Arlington West Memorial, Santa Monica Beach. Contact them for time & location. To contact other chapters in the region: Click on “Contact Us.” The list of Chapters is always changing.   The Peace Center,   124 W. Third St., LA LA. (323) 934-3451, (310) 458-3700.  <http://www.veteransforpeacela.org>.

Military, Draft & Counter Recruitment:: Military Families Speak Out
MFSO Chapter Meeting. First Saturdays monthly. Contact them for location, etc. 11:00:00 AM      (562) 833-8035.  <www.mfsooc.org>.

Music: Suzy Williams
Second Wednesdays Danny’s Deli, 23 Windward, Venice, free. Suzy Williams & Her Solid Senders play live swing jazz and jump blues; contact her for more info on this group. (<http://www.laughtears.com/suzy1.html>, <http://www.puddingbench.com/suzy.htm>.       (310) 306-7330. <mailto:pfsuzy@aol.com>. HYPERLINK “http://<mailto:pfsuzy@aol” http://<mailto:pfsuzy@aol.

Music: Mother Nature’s Army
Eco-freak rock, punk americana spreading truth… People & music have the power.. viva la revolucion! 7:00:00 PM 9:00:00 PM Unurban Coffee House   3301 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, (617) 460.0729.  <MotherNaturesArmy.com>.

Dates are usually the opening date. Many plays run from Thu-Sun. Times are for the evening performances. Call for Sunday times. Listed costs are usually the lowest.

Plays: LA Café Plays
The “Fastest Theater in Town” because five short plays go from conception to execution in just 10-½ hours. Third Sundays monthly. 7:30:00 PM  Ruskin Group Theatre,  15 3000 Airport Drive in the Santa Monica Airport. (310) 397-3244.  <www.ruskingrouptheatre.com.>.

Plays: Republic County
Republic County.  The play is a comedy about workers at an unemployment office who find a unique solution to deal with all the poets in town living off free government cheese. Republic County opens tonight at the 8:30:00 PM  ZJU Theater  15 4845 Lankerrshim Blvd., North Hollywood. (818) 202-4120.  <zombiejoes.com>.

Poetry: Beyond Baroque
This long running arts and poetry venue still hosts numerous events. 681 Venice Blvd., Venice. (310) 822-3008. <www.beyondbaroque.org>. BB & other arts and non-profit venues such as LATW remain at risk due to fiscal austerity. Subsidy cuts would stop nonprofits from running cultural facilities. Even if a venue appears to be safe, this can change rapidly in response to economic & political mandates. Continuing updates on <artsforla.org>, search for “lease subsidy” and for “LA Cultural Centers.” Also “Arts for LA” on Facebook.      681 Venice Blvd., Venice. (310) 822-3008.  <http://www.beyondbaroque.org>.

Poetry: Sociedad De Escritories
Sociedad de Escritores y Poetas Latinoamericanos. Reuniones Todos los Jueves 7:30:00 PM  McDonalds.   500 N. Central Ave., Glendale. (213) 230-4868.  <www.poesiasymas.com>.

Poetry: Fightin’ Words
A monthly Open Mic to Stop Police Brutality. Hosted by Oct. 22 Coalition. Third Thursdays Monthly. Call to be sure it’s happening. 8:00:00 PM 10:30:00 PM Chuco’s Justice Center,   1137 E. Redondo Blvd., Inglewood. (323) 446-7459.

Police Issues: Police Victims Support
Have you or a family member been brutalized by the police? SPIRIT (Support & Partnership In Respect & In Trust). Regular meetings Last Tuesday monthly 7:00:00 PM 9:00:00 PM Youth Justice Coalition/Chuco’ s Justice Center,   253 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., LA. (323) 369-9662 or (323) 235-4243. <mailto:kruti222@yahoo.com>.

Police Issues: Three Strikes
Families to Amend California’s Three Strikes (FACTS) meets Second and Fourth Mondays monthly. Help them amend Three Strikes to apply to violent felonies only. 7:00:00 PM  Chico’s Justice Center,   1137 E. Redondo Blvd., Inglewood (213) 746-4844.  <http://www.facts1.net>.

Political Action: Campus Activism
A national calendar of conferences, actions, etc. of interest to students and others.         <www.campusactivism.org>.

Political Action: Vigils, Meetings & Demonstrations:
Due to space constraints we cannot always list the recurring vigils, meetings & demonstrations in our print edition. However, they will be on our website (<http://www.change-links.org>). For Peace Vigils, also please check <http://www.neighborsforpeaceandjustice.org> and let us know of any updates to our listings. We are moving more Ongoing events to the Website. Donations for an expanded newspaper would restore these to the print edition.

Political Action: Arlington West
Arlington West Santa Monica.  Volunteers desperately needed to keep the memorial going. . 6:00:00 AM 4:00:00 PM     (323) 934-3451 <larry@arlingtonwestsantamonica.org>. <www.arlingtonwestsantamonica.org>.

Political Action: Tongva Indians
Monthly demonstration to stop development/desecration of Native American sacred site dating back about 9,000 years B.C.E. 1st Saturday of each month 10:00:00 AM 1:00:00 PM    Bolsa Chica Rd. & Warner Ave., Huntington Beach. (562) 743-8698.   HYPERLINK “http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1000011529″ http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id●1000011529.

Political Action: Opt-Out
Topanga Peace Alliance High School Military Opt-Out Drive ­ Members of the Topanga Peace Alliance (TPA) have been distributing military opt-out forms to seven high schools in the area under the “No Child Left Behind” Federal legislation schools are required to share 11th and 12th grade students’ personal information with the military for recruitment purposes UNLESS parents and students sign an opt-out form. While leafleting and talking with students last year, we found that many were unaware that the military would have access to their personal information or that they could opt-out 1:30:00 PM  Pine Tree Center,   Topanga. (310) 455.9389 . <mailto:juliemagic2010@gmail.com>.

Political Action: Action for Peace
(Last Wednesday),  A Senior patriots against he war, invites you to join them for a demonstration for Peace.: Signs and banners provided. Last Wednesday of the month. 5:00:00 PM 6:30:00 PM World Globe at Leisure World,   Seal Beach Blvd. at Golden Rain Rd. Between 405 Freeway and (562)-430-7509 or (562) 430-1047,

Political Action: Costa Mesa Peace Vigil
Greetings Orange County Peace Activists. Time to be active again. Come on down to Bristol and Anton for two hours for peace and  good causes. Bring your kids, dogs and join an Orange County  peace celebration. Call first. 5:00:00 PM 7:00:00 PM South Coast Plaza Entrance,   Bristol & Anton, Costa Mesa. (714) 956-5037.

Political Meeting: So Cal Calendars
Alternate Calendar sources: Campus Activism National calendar of interest to students and others. <http://www.campusactivism.org>, click on “More” under events.

Los Angeles: Dick & Sharon’s LA Progressive. <http://www.laprogressive.com>, click on “Calendar.”

Orange County: Orange County Democracy for America (DFA): <http://dfa-oc.org/calendar>. Orange County Peace Coalition: <http://dfa-oc.org/wordpress/calendar-html>..

Sacramento Area Peace Action. <http://www.sacpeace.org>, click on “Calendar.”

San Diego: Activist San Diego, <http://activistsandiego.org>,  click on “Calendar.”

San Jose: San Jose Peace & Justice Center. <http://www.sanjosepeace.org>, click on “Calendar.”   Santa Barbara A listserve. Join via <mailto:sbprogcoalition-subscribe@yahoogroups.com>. <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sbprogcoalition>.

South SF Peninsula: Peninsula Peace and Justice Center. <http://www.peaceandjustice.org> , click on “Calendar.”


Political Meeting: LA Atheist United
The regular meeting of the Los Angeles Chapter of Atheists United.  Fourth Sundays. 11:00:00 AM  Center for Inquiry West,   4773 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. (323) 666-4258.  <http://www.atheistsunited.org/calendar/>.

Political Meeting: Women Organizing for Justice
A leadership development program that seeks to increase the participation of formerly incarcerated and other women in the struggle for social justice. With a focus on criminal justice reform. Contact them for more information. <http://www.anewwayoflife.org/leadership/women-organizing-for-justice>. 1:00:00 PM 4:00:00 PM Leadership Institute,   958 E 108th St , LA. (323) 563-3575. <mailto:mei@anewwayoflife.org>.

Political Meeting: West Valley Secular Humanists
The West Valley Secular Humanists meets on the last Sunday of each month 2:00:00 PM  Daphne’s Greek Café.   5780 Canoga Ave. Unit B Woodland Hills.   <http://www.atheistsunited.org/>.

Political Meeting: Democracy for America-OC
Monthly meeting of Democracy for America-OC 6:30:00 PM  Karl Strauss Brewery,   901 South Coast Dr., Costa Mesa. Metropointe Shopping Center  <mailto: sckopicki@gmail.com>.. <http://dfoc.com>.

Political Meeting: East Hollywood  Atheists United
The East LA Hollywood Atheists meet on the second Tuesday of each month.  Schedule is subject to vary, please contact the organizer ahead of time to verify information. 7:00:00 PM     Atwater Village Glendale. (562) 900-2834.  <http://www.atheistsunited.org/>.

Political Meeting: East LA Hollywood Atheists
The East LA Hollywood Atheists meet on the second Tuesday of each month 7:00:00 PM     Atwater Village, Glendale. (562) 900-2834.  <http://www.atheistsunited.org/>.

Political Meeting: Healthcare For All
San Fernando Valley chapter meeting – working for single-payer (private care/public insurance) universal healthcare and SB 810 (Leno) – learn more, join in: State Office Bldg. 7:30:00 PM  State Office Bldg.,   6150 Van Nuys Blvd. at Calvert St., room 135 (818) 766-7318. <mailto:dlkaye@juno.com>.

Political Meeting: United Nations Women
LA Chapter general meeting:  Formed to promote the status of women worldwide.  Second Wednesday of the month. 7:00:00 PM  National Council of Jewish Women,   543 N. Fairfax, LA. (310) 450-3396. <chillman@la.unwomen-usnc.org>. <socal@unwomen.usnc.org>.

Service: Women’s Non-Violence Centers
“Help for Victims,” then “How To Start an Independent Advocacy Center to End Violence Against Women, …and Why.” Website also has other information on how women can help themselves.         <http://www.justicewomen.com>.

Volunteer Opportunity: Food Not Bombs
Food Not Bombs (FNB) shares free vegan food with the homeless and all others in need in protest against the effects of capitalism & military spending. All FNB collectives need volunteers. Global directories: <http://www.foodnotbombs.net/contacts.html> and the “food not bombs chapters” entry at “<http://wiki.infoshop.org/main_page>”.] . Group updates may be added to the wiki or sent to <mailto:menu@foodnotbombs.net> or the worldwide listserve (subscribe at: <http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/fnbnetwork>). Some SoCal listings are on Change-Links’ website. Always verify that FNB serving listings are up to date.          HYPERLINK “http://www.foodnotbombs.net” www.foodnotbombs.net>.

Volunteer Opportunity: Sharing Food
Michael Hubman and others run “Right to hare Food” and bring food and water to the folks living on Skid Row, downtown LA.  You can help in various ways.       (714) 227-2217. <mailto:waterman@watercorps.net>. <www.watercorps.net>.

Classes: Cuba
Educational tours listed on their website. Cuba Education Tours of Vancouver, BC Canada.       (877) 687-3817. <mailto:info@cubafriends.ca>. <http://www.cubafriends.ca>.

Military&Draft Veterans for Peace
Monthly meetings at the LA Peace Center or at the Arlington West Memorial, Santa Monica Beach. Contact them for time & location. To contact other chapters in the region: <http://veteransforpeace.org>, click on “Contact Us.” The list of Chapters is always changing   The Peace Center,   8124 W. 3rd St., LA. (323) 934.3451 & (310) 458-3700  <www.veteransforpeacela.org>.

Media: McLuhan-Finnegan’s Wake Reading Club
Usually First Tuesdays monthly, call to confirm. Gerry Fialka’s regular reading club explores the ideas of James Joyce and Marshall McLuhan and how they apply to today’s media and technology. 6:00:00 PM 8:00:00 PM Lloyd Taber-Marina Del Rey Library,   4533 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey. (310) 306-7330, (310) 821-1769.  <http://www.venicewake.org>.


More On-Going

August 1

Films: Long Beach Greens
The Long Beach Greens hold their regular meetings every 1st Thursday of the month. They are a local group of  activists working for a Fair Economy, a Just Society, and a Sustainable Future. 7:00:00 PM  “It’s a Grind” Coffeehouse,   2162 E. Willow St., (East of Cherry),  Long Beach.  <longbeach@greens.org>. <http://www.cagreens.org/longbeach/>.

August 2

Political Meeting: Green Party of Orange County
The regular meeting of the Orange County Greens.  Call first. 2:00:00 PM  Board Room Irvine Ranch Water District,   15600 Sand Canyon Ave., Irvine. (949) 559-7336. <mailto:s.sayre@cox.net>.

August 3 ● Saturday

Political Meeting: SF Valley Socialist
The San Fernando Valley Socialist will hold a meeting today. First Saturday of the month. 3:00:00 PM 5:00:00 PM Room 268, Sierra Hall, west side of Cal State Univ.,   Northridge.  <mailto:ccrittenden@csun.edu>.

August 7

Political Meeting: Coalition for World Peace
The regular meeting of the Coalition For World Peace. They will be making plans to keep the new Congress aware of what the people voted for. Bring snacks. Call to verify date. They usually met on the 1st Wednesday. 3:00:00 PM  Korean Resource Center, LA.   900 S. Crenshaw Blvd., LA.  <mailto:staff@coalitionforworldpeace.org>.

Political Meeting: Military Recruiting
The regular  monthly meeting of  the Glendale Education/Social Justice Advocates will meet to plan actions to encourage GUSD to provide balanced information about military recruiting and other social issues. Students, parents, community members are invited. They normally met on the first Wednesday.. 6:00:00 PM 8:00:00 PM Pacific Park Library,   501 S. Pacific Ave., Glendale. (818) 248-4967. <mailto:gesja_email@yahoo.com>.

August 9

Political Action: San Gabriel Valley Vigil
The regular Second Friday evening of the Month Peace Vigil sponsored by the San Gabriel Neighbors for Peace and Justice. 7:00:00 PM 8:30:00 PM    Alhambra at Main and Garfield. (626) 281-8741.  < http://www.laughtears.com/mess.html >.

August 10

Community Service: Transit Advocates
Second Saturdays monthly. TA advocates better transportation for the residents of LA. 1:00:00 PM  Angelus Plaza,   255 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles. (213) 388-2364. <mailto:jramos@vromansbookstore.com>. <www.booksoup.com>.

August 12

Political Meeting: S.F.  Valley Green Party
Meeting on all things Green Party. Open and free to the public. Second Mondays Monthly. 7:00:00 PM     8843 Penfield, Northridge. (818) 515-8541.

August 19

Political Action: Peace & Freedom Party
Meeting is open to all Peace & Freedom Party registrants.   Regular monthly meeting, 3rd Mondays. 7:00:00 PM     2617 S. Hauser Blvd, L.A. (323) 960-5036.  <http://www.peaceandfreedom.org>.

Political Meeting: Green Party
The Green Party of Orange County general meeting . 2:00:00 PM  Irvine Ranch Water District,   15600 Sand Canyon Ave. in the City of Irvine, (949) 559-7336, <mailto:secretary@ocgreens.org>. <http://www.ocgreens.org>.

August 21

Political Action: LA Greens
The weekly meeting of Los Angeles Greens.  3rd Wednesdays of the month. 7:00:00 PM  Peace Center,   8124 W. Third Street, Los Angeles. (323) 651-5539.  <http://www.losangelesgreens.org>.

Political Meeting: SFV Atheists United
San Fernando Valley The San Fernando Chapter of Atheists United meets the third Thursday of each month 6:30:00 PM  Country Folks Restaurant   8501 Sepulveda Blvd., North Hills, (818) 988-2806 .  <http://www.atheistsunited.org/>.

August 23

Discussion: Center for Inquiry
Welcome inquiring minds, freethinkers, secular humanists, skeptics, non believers,  atheists and agnostics. Repeats every month on the Fourth Friday ( always 4th NEVER 5th Fridays ) 7 PM Dinner. 8 PM Discussion
Hosted by Rachel Sene and Jay Johnson 7:00:00 PM 9:00:00 PM Dolores Restaurant,   11407 Santa Monica Blvd., West LA. (310) 780-7363 or (310)-488-7431.

August 29

Films: Coastal Convergence Society
A free video night last Thursdays monthly. Meet local peace & justice neighbors for free food, video & discussion. You can bring your own video. Call for directions. 7:00:00 PM     Huntington Beach. (714) 964-2162. <mailto:ccshbca@aol.com>. vOnGoing:



Media: Progressive AM Radio
Bill Press is on from 3 AM to 6 AM.  Stephanie Edwards from 6 AM to 9 AM on  Current TV and  1150 AM.KTLK 1150 AM. Thom Hartmann (<http://www.thomhartmann.com>), Now has his own show on Free Speech TV, Noon to 3 PM.. Randi Rhodes  <http://www.therandirhodesshow.com>), Noon – 3 PM. Mike Malloy (<http://www.mikemalloy.com>), On the Web 6-9 PM. Locally on KTLK  8-10 PM. Also other hosts. Shows may also have other times on Web Radio.

Police Issues: CopWatch LA
CopWatch LA Text Alerts. To receive police/ICE checkpoint and raid updates from Cop Watch LA text: / Para recibir textos de Cop Watch LA con informacion de retenes y redadas del ICE y policia mande un texto: StopICE to/al 67553.

Community Service: Activist Security Training
The Ruckus Society recently created a security team to deal with internet and other security issues that activists face. If you are interested in gaining security training in the future, or knowing more about this process, please contact Megan at <mailto:megan@ruckus.org>.

Community Service: Bartering Groups
Get goods and services without the need for cash. Trade without the need for banks or even the money system. A number of local community based finance groups are listed at <timebanks.org>, then click on Membership and Membership Directory in the drop-down menu. Use “los angeles” as the keywords for a search.

Community Service: Car-Free Living
Auto-Free Orange County: <http://www.autofree.net>. Car-Free Santa Barbara: <mailto:byrdm@sbcapcd.org>. <http://www.santabarbaracarfree.org>. (This website might not always work— if you have problems, try it several times.) Also, a worldwide network of car-free resources: <http://www.worldcarfree.net>. And we’d like to know about local sites for other regions in SoCal.

Community Service: Centro’s del Non-Violence de las Mujere
<http://www.justicewomen.com>, entonces “Ayuda para Victemas,” entonces “Cómo iniciar un centro independiente de defensa para poner fin a la violencia contra las mujeres … y por qué.” El website también tiene otra información sobre cómo las mujeres pueden ayudarse.

Community Service: Centros del Non-Violence de las Mujeres
<http://www.justicewomen.com>, entonces “Ayuda para Victemas,” entonces “Cómo iniciar un centro independiente de defensa para poner fin a la violencia contra las mujeres … y por qué.” El website también tiene otra información sobre cómo las mujeres pueden ayudarse.

Community Service: Farmers Markets
A map of Farmers Markets in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside Counties. <http://projects.latimes.com/farmers-markets>.

Community Service: FOIA
Freedom of Information Act. How to use the Act: <www.rcfp.org/foiact>. Get a deceased person’s file:         <www.getgrandpasfbifile.com>.

Community Service: Homeless & Hungry
LA Coalition to End Hunger and Homelessness. People’s Guide. How to get food, money, housing, health care and other help from government programs and community services if you live in LA County and need help in hard times. To order printed copies of the People’s Guide, please contact Laura Calderón.       (213) 251-0041 x 100 <mailto:laura@lacehh.org>. <www.lacehh.org>.

Community Service: Homeless l Wiki
“Los Angeles Homeless Resource Wiki,” “Street Lawyer: A WIKI to End and Prevent Homelessness,”>.         <wiki.nlchp.org>. <http://www.lahomeless.org>.

Community Service: LA Intentional Community Networking
Many alternative housing options.          HYPERLINK “http://www.laecovillage.org/Intentionalcommunitynetworking” www.laecovillage.org/Intentionalcommunitynetworking.

Community Service: Radical Guide to LA
Places to eat, drink, visit, radical history, places to stay, links to radical organizations, etc.         <http://www.laanarchist.org/guide>.

Community Service: Recycle for Peace
We need: sculptures, jewelry, rugs, paintings, art books, toys and games, prints, silver, linens, special fabrics, pottery & dishes, small furniture, household items, etc. We provide Estate Disposal Assistance. Tax Deductible. To donate, to schedule a pick-up, or for a schedule of future sales: The Closet Liberal, benefitting Office of the Americas’ Peace and Justice struggle. .       (323) 295-2306.

Community Service: Unemployed Resources
An online LA Indymedia article lists a number of resources for those who are struggling in our economy:         <http://la.indymedia.org/news/2011/02/244433.php>.

Community Service: Women’s Non-Violence Centers
How to Start an Independent Advocacy Center to End Violence Against Women: <peek.snipurl.com/29-change>. Cómo iniciar un centro independiente de defensa para poner fin a la violencia contra las mujeres: <peek.snipurl.com/30-change>. 6:30:00 PM        <peek.snipurl.com/30-change>.

Consumer: Battering Groups
Get goods and services without the need for cash. Trade without the need for banks or even the money system. A number of local community based finance groups are listed at <http://timebanks.org/membership/membership-directory>.

Jobs Idealist.org Jobs Board
Worldwide database of Nonprofit and Government Agency jobs. This looks like a very useful resource. <http://www.idealist.org/if/as/Job>.
High Country News Job Board <http://hcn.org>, click on Classifieds/Employment. Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in LA (CHIRLA) <http://chirla.org>, click on “Internships and Employment.” (LA Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) <http://www.laane.org>; click on “About Us”/ “Jobs.”

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in LA. <http://chirla.org>, click on “Internships and Employment.”

jobs: IRC
International Rescue Committee. <http://www.theirc.org/careers>, click on “Search Jobs and Apply.” International and US locations including LA & San Diego.

Jobs: Sustainable Living & Farming
<http://www.backdoorjobs.com/farming.html>. Other “short term jobs experiences:” <http://www.backdoorjobs.com>.

Media: Raza Press & Media Association
“The only Mexican-Raza journalist organization consistently advancing and building revolutionary anti-imperialist media as a strategic component in the liberation of Raza and all oppressed people throughout the world.”         <http://razapressassociation.org/blog>.

Military&Draft Anti-Draft Website
Dedicated to shattering the myths surrounding the selective service system and to help build a mass civil disobedience  to stop the draft before it gets started.        <mailto:scott@draftresistance.org>.  HYPERLINK “http://www.draftresistance.org” www.draftresistance.org.

Military&Draft GI Rights
Hotline: (800) 394-9544 & (877) 447- 4487.  http://www.objector.org/Cover_Me.html>  <www.girights.org>. Email them for a sample set of their info cards and stickers and a price list: <mailto:jimhabersf@yahoo.com>.

Military&Draft Opt-Out
The Pentagon, in violation of the Privacy Act, has compiled and put into use a mega-database of private information on 30 million 16-25-year-olds. Even if you have opted your child out of the lists public schools turn over to local military recruiters, you or your child must also contact the Pentagon directly to get off this new national military recruiting list. For more information go to Website..         <http://www.themmob.org/lmca/about.html>.

Military, Draft & Counter Recruitment:: New GI Rights Hotline (877) 447- 4487.

Military, Draft & Counter Recruitment:: OC Recruitment Awareness Project (OC RAP)
The Project is in urgent need of additional new volunteers to keep our important work going. A “flyering” is planned for late May if you wish to participate.       (949) 492-0571.  <http://www.oc-rap.org>.

Military, Draft & Counter Recruitment:: PTSD Resources
The Wounded Warrior Call-Center: (877) 487-6299, a hotline for injured, wounded or ill former and current Marines, Sailors & their family members. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-TALK (8255). SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education): <http://www.save.org>. Vets 4 Vets: (520) 319-5500, <http://www.vets4vets.us>, a peer support group for recent vets. National Veterans Foundation: (888) 777-4443, <http://www.nvf.org> (this may be a bad URL). We do not vouch for any of these being *progressive* resources. Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injuries (DCoE): <http://www.dcoe.health.mil>, <http://www.facebook.com/dcoepage>.

Military, Draft & Counter Recruitment:: Resisters’ Website  <www.tomjoad.org>.

Military, Draft & Counter Recruitment:: Underground War Resisters
House a soldier / resister on the way to Canada. The War Resisters Support Campaign has been inundated with requests considering emigration
(416) 598-1222 or (647) 393-3096. <mailto:resisters@sympatico.ca>.

Military: Counter Recruitment Resources
National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth (NNOMY). Retains resources & pamphlets and a list of organizations involved in CR work on their website. <www.nnomy.org/joomla>.

Military: Counter Recruitment Resources
National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth (NNOMY). Retains resources & pamphlets and a list of organizations involved in CR work on their website. <www.nnomy.org/joomla>. Check out their “Alternatives to the Military” (it’s on the left side of the page) that lists job resources for those who feel that the military is their only option.         <www.nnomy.org/joomla>.

Military: Counter-Recruitment/Spanish
New Counter-Recruitment Website in Spanish El Proyecto YANO tiene el placer de invitarlos a visitar nuestra nueva página electrónica:         <projectyano.org/espanol>.

Military: Educator to Stop the War
Counter Recruitment Resources for Educators  to Stop the War. click on “Counter-Recruitment”.          HYPERLINK “http://www.educatorstostopthewar.org/antimilitaryrecruit” www.educatorstostopthewar.org/antimilitaryrecruit.

Military: Progressive GI Newspaper
“GI Special” Occupation News Bulletin. Since May 2003, Thomas Barton has been distributing this comprehensive daily compilation of news about our government’s immoral war without end.         <www.williambowles.info/gispecial/2007>.

Military: Recruiter Abuse & Pressure
Need your Help! Collecting stories of kids harassed, lied to, pressured or abused by Military Recruiters for a report by WILPF to the UN Children’s Rights Committee to advance and protect the human rights of our children. Based in Tucson.       (520) 312-9988.  <www.wilpf.org> & <www.wilpftucson.org>.

Military: Recruiter Abuse Hotline (877) 688-6881.  <peek.snipurl.com/36-change>.

Needing Support: Unión del Barrio
On behalf of Unión del Barrio we would like to thank you for your continued support of the Centro Cultural Francisco Villa. As you may already know, the Centro Cultural has played a very important role in the struggle for social justice in our communities. The Centro Cultural Francisco Villa provides the South Central community with a space for organizational meetings, cultural events, film screenings, press conferences, youth organizing and has become a center  that the community can go to when it needs support.http://uniondelbarrio.org/laverdad/centro-cultural-francisco-villa/        <mailto:difusion@uniondelbarrio.org>.

Police & Migrant Issues” Checkpoint Response
To report a checkpoint from local news or your observation, or to receive text alerts, please email: / Para divulgar un punto de comprobación de noticias locales o de su observación, o recibir alarmas del texto, envíe por correo electrónico por favor:        <mailto:noretenes@gmail.com>.

Police & Migrant Issues” Cop Watch Alert Systems: Mobile alerts on police actions to your cell phone by area or specific to ICE anti-migrant actions.         <www.CopWatchLA.org/alertsystem>.

Police & Migrant Issues” Immigrant Rights
To spread news, organize, and of course most importantly, for ICE raid response work. <http://lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/ieira>.

Police & Migrant Issues” Immigrant Rights list
To spread news, organize, and of course most importantly, for ICE raid response work. <lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/ieira>.

Police & Migrant Issues” Slavery & Trafficking in LA
Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST), 5042 Wilshire Blvd., #586, LA CA 90036.       (213) 365-1906.  <http://www.castla.org>.

Police & Migrant Issues” Southern California Immigration Coalition
A coalition of over 30 organizations covering diverse sectors, such as labor, students, teachers, community-based organization working with immigrants rights, etc. denouncing ICE raids & demanding FULL legalization. (323) 602-3480. <http://www.immigrationcoalition.org>.

Police & Migrant Issues” Undocumented Students Rights Info: <http://maldef.org/education/public_policy/ab540>.

Police Issues: Checkpoint Response
To report a checkpoint from local news or your observation, or to receive text alerts, please email: / Para divulgar un punto de comprobación de noticias locales o de su observación, o recibir alarmas del texto, envíe por correo electrónico por favor:        <mailto:noretenes@gmail.com>.<http://<mailto:noret>.

Police Issues: Cop Watch
Useful for people who have been brutalized, harassed, or had family members murdered by the police.    <http://copwatchlosangeles.blogspot.com>.Mobile Cop Watch Network; info: <http://www.raisethefist.com/copwatch>.       (877) 8-NO-COPS or (562) 252-8501. <mailto:CopWatchLA@copwatchla.org>. <www.copwatchla.org>.

Police Issues: Police Brutality Issues in LA:
CopWatch LA: see above. October 22 Coalition LA, <mailto:tiahstarr@hotmail.com> or NY Central office at <mailto:mediocremustard@optonline.net> and ask for a referral to Oct 22 LA. CAHRO (California Association of Human Relations Organizations), 320 West Temple St., #1184, Los Angeles, CA 90012, (213) 974-7601, <http://www.cahro.org>. LA County Human Relations Commission, (213) 737-7463. Idris Stelley Foundation (ISF, SF Bay area) 24 HR Bilingual Crisis line at (415) 595-8251 for referrals, <http://peek.snipurl.com/35-change>, <http://www.myspace.com/isfoundation>.

Political Action: Activist Letter Writing
A national cooperative letter-writing service. Use letters prepared by the collective or propose letters, volunteer to help write, edit, proofread or handle computer problems, etc. Free and voluntary participation, non-tax deductible donations accepted. <http://www.progressivesecretary.org>. (If their website is not responsive, try it again later.)

Political Action: Urgent Action Network
Members call, fax, write or email others for emergency political actions. Office of the Americas, 8124 W. Third St., Ste. 202, Los Angeles, California 90048.       (323) 852-9808. <mailto:OOA@igc.org>. <http://www.officeoftheamericas.org/>.

Political Action: Women’s Non-Violence Centers
<http://www.justicewomen.com>, then “Help for Victims,” then “How To Start an Independent Advocacy Center to End Violence Against Women, …and Why.” Website also has other information on how women can help themselves.


Submit: CR Book Project
Seeking interviews with a number of experienced counter-recruiters in different locations in the US. For a book to be published in Summer 2012. Info: <sethkershner@hotmail.com>, <scott.harding@uconn.edu>.

Submit: Occupywriters.com
Looking for first-hand accounts of writers’ experiences with the Occupy Wall Street protests. Writers who have visited protest sites are encouraged to submit a short statement that captures the movement from a personal perspective. Prose, poem, comic, story, vignette, anything goes. Send them your name and work. <mailto:occupywriters.submissions@gmail.com>. <http://occupywriters.com>.

Submit: protestpoems.org
Ongoing submissions. A poetry journal entirely devoted to, and fully committed to, new poetry that tackles human rights issues worldwide. The website and mailing lists provide information about persecuted writers, along with letters of protest ready for our subscribers to cut and paste. Email list (once a month, on average) with protest information focused on a specific persecuted writer: send an email to write(at)protestpoems.org with “SUBSCRIBE” in your subject line.

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The Real Numbers: Half of America in Poverty

Posted on 03 June 2013 by John Johnson

The Real Numbers: Half of America in Poverty — and It’s Creeping Upward

The Census Bureau has reported that one out of six Americans lives in poverty. A shocking figure. But it’s actually much, much worse.

May 26, 2013  |

The  HYPERLINK “http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/poverty/about/overview/” \t “_blank” Census Bureau has reported that 15% of Americans live in poverty. A shocking figure. But it’s actually much worse. Inequality is spreading like a shadowy disease through our country, infecting more and more households, and leaving a shrinking number of financially secure families to maintain the charade of prosperity.

1. Almost half of Americans had NO assets in 2009 

Analysis of   HYPERLINK “http://epi.3cdn.net/2a7ccb3e9e618f0bbc_3nm6idnax.pdf” \t “_blank” Economic Policy Institute data shows that Mitt Romney’s famous   HYPERLINK “http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/12/13/mitt-romneys-47-percent-gaffe-tops-yales-quotes-of-the-year/” \t “_blank” 47 percent, the alleged ‘takers,’ have taken nothing. Their debt exceeded their assets in 2009.

2. It’s Even Worse 3 Years Later 

Since the recession, the disparities have continued to grow. An   HYPERLINK “http://www.oecd.org/els/soc/OECD2013-Inequality-and-Poverty-8p.pdf” \t “_blank” OECD report states that “inequality has increased by more over the past three years to the end of 2010 than in the previous twelve,” with the U.S. experiencing one of the widest gaps among OECD countries. The 30-year   HYPERLINK “http://stateofworkingamerica.org/who-gains/” \l “/?start=1979&end=2008″ \t “_blank” decline in wages has worsened since the recession, as low-wage jobs have  HYPERLINK “http://www.nelp.org/page/-/Job_Creation/LowWageRecovery2012.pdf?nocdn=1″ \t “_blank” replaced formerly secure middle-income positions.

3. Based on wage figures, half of Americans are in or near poverty. 

The  HYPERLINK “http://www.irs.gov/file_source/pub/irs-soi/10in05tr.xls” \t “_blank” IRS reports that the highest wage in the bottom half of earners is about $34,000. To be eligible for food assistance, a family can earn up to   HYPERLINK “http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/applicant_recipients/eligibility.htm” \t “_blank” 130% of the federal   HYPERLINK “http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/12poverty.shtml” \t “_blank” poverty line, or about $30,000 for a family of four.

Even the Census Bureau recognizes that its own   HYPERLINK “http://www.usagainstgreed.org/CensusIncomeSummary2011.xls” \t “_blank” figures under-represent the number of people in poverty. Its   HYPERLINK “http://www.census.gov/hhes/povmeas/methodology/supplemental/research/SEHSD2012-18.pdf” \t “_blank” Supplemental Poverty Measure increases, by 50%, the number of Americans who earn between one-half and two times the poverty threshold.

4. Based on household expense totals, poverty is creeping into the top half of America. 

A family in the top half, making $60,000 per year, will have their income reduced by a total tax bill of about $15,000 ($3,000 for   HYPERLINK “http://taxfoundation.org/article/summary-latest-federal-individual-income-tax-data-0″ \t “_blank” federal income tax and $12,000 for   HYPERLINK “http://www.cbpp.org/cms/index.cfm?fa=view&id=3505″ \l “_ftn8″ \t “_blank” payroll, state, and local taxes. The   HYPERLINK “http://stats.bls.gov/cex/22012/midyear/income.pdf” \t “_blank” Bureau of Labor Statistics and the   HYPERLINK “http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/2012/tables/12s0684.pdf” \t “_blank” Census Bureau agree that food, housing, and transportation expenses will deduct another $30,000, and that total household expenditures will be about $50,000. That leaves nothing.

Nothing, that is, except debt. The median   HYPERLINK “http://money.cnn.com/2011/03/24/pf/financial_crisis_outcome/index.htm” \t “_blank” debt level rose to $75,600 in 2009, while the median family   HYPERLINK “http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/12/business/economy/family-net-worth-drops-to-level-of-early-90s-fed-says.html?_r=2&” \t “_blank” net worth, according to the Federal Reserve, dropped from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010.

5. Putting it in Perspective 

Inequality is at its ugliest for the hungriest people. While food support was being targeted for   HYPERLINK “http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2013/05/14/2010531/senate-committee-approves-4b-in-food-aid-cuts-as-house-preps-even-worse-measure/” \t “_blank” cuts, just   HYPERLINK “http://www.usagainstgreed.org/Fortune400_2011-12.xls” \t “_blank” 20 rich Americans made as much from their 2012 investments as the entire   HYPERLINK “http://www.obpa.usda.gov/budsum/FY13budsum.pdf” \t “_blank” 2012 SNAP (food assistance) budget, which serves 47 million people.

And as Congress continues to cut life-sustaining programs, its members should note that their 400 friends on the   HYPERLINK “http://www.forbes.com/sites/edwindurgy/2012/10/05/who-got-rich-this-week-a-new-billionaire/” \t “_blank” Forbes list made more from their stock market gains last year than the total amount of the   HYPERLINK “http://www.obpa.usda.gov/budsum/FY13budsum.pdf” \t “_blank” food,  HYPERLINK “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_United_States_federal_budget” \t “_blank” housing, and   HYPERLINK “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_United_States_federal_budget” \t “_blank” education budgets combined.

Arguments about poverty won’t end. Neither should our efforts to uncover the awful truth.

Note: This is an updated, corrected version of the original article, approved by the author. 

Paul Buchheit teaches economic inequality at DePaul University. He is the founder and developer of the Web sites  HYPERLINK “http://UsAgainstGreed.org” \t “_blank” UsAgainstGreed.org,  HYPERLINK “http://PayUpNow.org” \t “_blank” PayUpNow.org and  HYPERLINK “http://RappingHistory.org” \t “_blank” RappingHistory.org, and the editor and main author of “American Wars: Illusions and Realities” (Clarity Press). He can be reached at  HYPERLINK “mailto:paul@UsAgainstGreed.org” \t “_blank” paul@UsAgainstGreed.org.


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