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Change-Links December 2009

Posted on 01 December 2009 by John Johnson

Bequeath us humble folks at Change Links this holiday season, and it will mulitply: for yourself, for our community, and for the progressive revolution, all in one swell swoop.

We Need Your Support To Keep This Progressive Voice Alive. We feel it’s important to get this voice out to as wide a community as possible. We distribute to almost 200 venues in Southern California. We Need your help and your large and small donatons, ASAP.

PDF of December 2009 Calendar

The Great Stimuls Debate of ’09: “Cry babbies need not apply” By Mike Whiteny

Econonic Crisis Is Getting Bloody–Violent Deaths Are Now Following Evictions,Foreclosures and Job Losses By Nick Turse

Who Are You and What Have You Done With the Community Organizer We Elected President? By Robert Scheer

6th Artivist Film Festival

Experts Warn Aganist US Bases in Colombia By Carlos Quintanilla

Even With Health Care, The Good Sometimes Die To Young By John Johnson

December Calendar

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