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Gang Peace Summit Held in L.A.

Gang Peace Summit Held in L.A. July 17 Crips, Bloods, Mexicano gang members, rappers, community residents, members of the Nation of Islam, the Black Riders Liberation Party and others came out to a gang peace summit in South L.A. on July 17, at a community center on 80th & Vermont, partly in response to a…

August 2016 Calendar

Westside Peace Festival An afternoon and evening Benefit Concert celebrating peace initiatives and promoting peace education and inspiration: an all-ages event. This concert will raise funds for a fall campus tour of committed peace activists and educators who formerly served in the US military, who will be speaking at colleges and universities around southern California….

One Year in the Pacifica Bubble

An excerpt from The Violence of Peace:  One Year in the Pacifica Bubble by Adam Rice I write not as lead organizer for the LA Anti-Eviction Campaign, nor as Community Relations Coordinator for KPFK, but as an individual. My opinions don’t necessarily represent any other individual or organization. I’m about to tell you some hard…

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