American Sniper: Two Views (Excerpts)

by Chris Hedges American Sniper lionizes the most despicable aspects of U.S. society, the gun culture, blind adoration of the military, the belief we have a right as a Christian nation to exterminate the lesser breeds, a hyper-masculinity that banishes compassion, a denial of inconvenient facts. Many, especially white Americans trapped in a stagnant economy…

Poetry: Maria Guardado

I am Maria Guardado. Torture survivor. And denouncing before the world I proclaim: It was not organized crime that tortured me! It was my enslaved brothers! Who are brainwashed at the School of the Americas so that they can torture, if this possible, their own dear mother. Who for having gained a conscience, fights for…

Prisoners want jobs

Prisoners want jobs when we get out of prison. There are 2.3 million people behind bars in the US. Even after we have served our time, we are discriminated against. Itís very hard for former prisoners to get a job, we can’t vote, and many other doors are closed to us that are open to others.

Teens Sue Government for Carbon Reductions, Climate Care

The Public Trust Doctrine says the government is a trustee of the resources that support our public welfare and survival, according to Prof. Mary C. Wood, author of a book on youth environmental activism. The doctrine requires our government to protect and maintain survival resources for future generations. Relying on this long-standing legal principle, young…

Keeping the Labor Beat Alive

You’ve seen the decline of the labor movement over the last decades. Do you think the majority of union leaders really comprehend the extent of the crisis that unions are in?
The majority of leaders of major unions – Steel workers, Auto Workers, SEIU, AFSCME, AFT, CWA see there’s a crisis, and they’re trying to get things going. They’re doing more organizing

Busy Cutting The Branch We’re Sitting On

by Charles Fredricks It’s said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; but then, to get where you’re going, it’s helpful to know where you are to begin with. For those paying attention, two alarming studies were published recently calling attention to the lack of attention paid to…

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