We Still Need $15 and a Union – NOW!

by John Parker, LA Workers Assembly As many know, in solidarity with fast food and retail workers demanding a livable wage, the Los Angeles Workers Assembly has submitted a Ballot Initiative Ordinance to the City Clerk and City Attorney for a $15 minimum wage to take effect immediately after passage. So, we are glad to…


GI Rights

by Greg Foisie – volunteer for Change-links, KPFK, Addicted to War, and the Arlington West Memorial Santa Monica operated by Veterans for Peace Los Angeles GI “Rights” Are Not Rights – A review of human and labor rights, with an introduction to GI “rights” and related provisions in the context of militarism.   Synopsis -…


Our Nazis; Their Nazis — Ukraine and neo-Nazis

by William Blum Ever since serious protest broke out in Ukraine in February the Western mainstream media, particularly in the US, have seriously downplayed the fact that the usual suspects – the US/European Union/NATO triumvirate – have been on the same side as the neo-Nazis. In the US it’s been virtually unmentionable. I’m sure that…


How You Can Help

L.A. activists, including members of John’s family and others who have worked on Change-Links over the years have come together to carry on the paper. Details on how you can get involved …


The Meaning of Labor Day

By Gabe Gabrielsky The meaning of Labor Day has been lost to most Americans, just as is the case with many other holidays such as Independence Day, Memorial Day or Christmas. For most people today Labor Day signifies a great day for bargain sales at retail stores, the beginning of a new school year and…

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